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Wednesday, 11 July 2007


Zone Alarm free basic firewall
Watch for Zone Alarm to pop-up asking you to upgrade to the paid version. If you are happy with the basic free version, click No Thanks.

If you are looking to download the Zone Alarm free firewall fresh or for the first time, click on this link, download and run this file. It will ask whether you want to download the version for Vista or XP. Choose and then choose Download Only and browse to where you want to save it. Now you will have a copy of the full free version to install.

The latest version is 7.0.362.00

Windows Update
There are some new security updates. Download and install them and enjoy continued security.

Adobe Flash Player
There is an update for this as well. If you use another browser besides IE, like Firefox, make sure to go to the Adobe site, in Firefox, as well as in IE (even if you don't use IE, or don't use it very often) and update Flash for all your browsers. And, in IE, make sure to UNcheck the Google Toolbar download (as it is something that helps to slow down your browsing and it is semi-spyware).

Running these updates helps to keep your computer more secure. Old versions of browser plug-ins (like Flash, Java, Quicktime and Real Player), and media programs (Windows Media Player, WinAmp, etc) become security risks that allow viruses and such to activate on your computer. By updating these programs, you make it harder for viruses and such to mess up your computer.

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Timur said...

I can't understand why people like ZoneAlarm Free. It's not a firewall, it's a ,firehall, I guess. Just look at Firewall Leak Tester result tables. For example, Agnitum Outpost Security Suite, which I use on both of my desktop and laptop, looks much, much better. Do you really think, that your security costs nothing?