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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 - All Good

It's been weeks now since I installed SP1 for Vista. My computer works much better now. No crashes at all and programs start quicker and transfers are faster.

But, before you rush out and install SP1 (if you haven't yet) you need to take some things into consideration.
- If you have a new computer that runs Vista well, make sure you update your motherboard and other hardware drivers first
- If you have an older computer that does not run Vista well, you may encounter problems. Do research first on your particular hardware and SP1.
- If you are running old programs (more than a few years old), you may encounter problems. Research your programs and Vista before applying SP1

I do run some old programs, but they work fine in Vista with SP1.
I've also found that SP1 fixes some previously buggy Windows Updates and fixes the problems they created.

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