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Monday, 23 June 2008

Facebook Firefox Issue

If you are having problems with Poke-o-matic or the Facebook Refresh script, or Facebook pages not loading when you click on them, either while in Firefox 2 or 3, I think I've found the problem. It has to do with Adblock and possibly Adblock Plus if you use that instead.
To solve the problem
• Log into Facebook
• Right-click on Adblock and choose to Whitelist the whole site.
Now things in Facebook should work fine. Hopefully, the makers of Adblock and Adblock Plus can fix this issue in the near future.


asd said...

I just came to the same conclusion.

Thor said...

Adblock Plus seems to work fine with Firefox 3 now, so I don't have to greenlist Facebook anymore (so no more annoying FB ads while I enjoy greasemonkey scripts on FB).