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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Remove IE8 from systems that slow down

Since Internet Explorer 8 has come out, I've noticed that it has slowed down some systems - particularly Windows XP systems. On some of these systems it seems to cause long boot times, IE8 is slow itself, and other programs seem to run much slower. I've noticed this happening on some Windows XP systems, but not all Windows XP systems.

If this has happened to you, removing IE8 may speed things up, but maybe not all the way back to as fast as it was before.

To Remove IE8:
Open Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs, check off Show Updates
Look for Windows Internet Explorer 8. Look for Updates and Security Updates for IE8. Remove the updates first, then, finally Internet Explorer 8. Restart the computer as requested throughout the removal process.

To Block IE8:
Go here and download and run the blocker tool from Microsoft.

Maybe Microsoft will come out with something to patch this. Until then, hopefully removing IE8 will help.

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