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Friday, 16 October 2009

AVG Free version 9 in now available

AVG Free v9 Installation Instructions

(Basic installation instructions with some changes to reduce annoyances)

Download from here Download AVG Free -

Close all open programs.
Run the installer file (avg_free_stf_en_9...)
Check off "I have read the license agreement"
Check off "Custom Installation"
Username and License number appear - no need to do anything in this window
Destination Folder - no need to do anything in this window
Do you want to create the directory? ... - Yes
Component Selection - no need to do anything in this window
AVG Security Toolbar - UNcheck "Install the AVG Security Toolbar (recommended)"
AVG will now check for and install updates

Schedule Regular Scans and updates
- Updates - once a day (this is usually checked as the default setting). This section may be greyed out. If so, don't worry about it - you can always change this in the program later via the Update Manager section.
- You can set up your automatic scan schedule here, or later after you have installed the program. Once a week is usually a sufficient schedule.
- If you have or often have removable devices (external USB sticks, drives, memory cards) attached to your computer, check off the "Enable automatic scan of removable devices..." box so these are scanned too.


Restart computer - Yes

After your computer restarts, eventually, this will pop up:
AVG Optimization Scan
Yes, run this now.
(This only takes a few minutes and it will make your scans run faster in the future.)

And finally, if you don't want it, delete the new AVG icon on the desktop. You can always access the program from the system tray icon.
Update: As of Sept. 2010, there is another pop up regarding adding some other Yahoo or AVG toolbar to your browser. Uncheck the bottom check box and then the top one and continue/okay...

For advanced computer users only:
If you want to remove the annoying notices that show up below the program window when you open it, this is how to remove them:

Make sure you can see hidden folders and file extensions.
Go to the Program Files\AVG\AVG9 folder
Alter the names of these files by adding something like
after each one (example: avgfree_us.mht.bak)



Pat said...

Thank you for this info and thoughtful comments on settings. I always look forward to your postings!

Anonymous said...

HI I downloaded this AVG Ver 9.0, however i cannot update the virus database as it gives Invalid Control Error .CTF file error. I searched for this on Google and found a lot of links on how to delete the two .CTF files, however i cannot locate them. I have un-hidden files and folders still the download folder where these two .ctf files should be located is showing empty.. Please advise, as otherwise i cannot update the AVG. Thanks

Thor said...

For CTF issues, see this post: