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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Thinking of getting a smartphone? There are other/better options than the iPhone.

10 Things Android Does Better Than iPhone OS | Maximum PC
Many of the non-iPhone smartphones available run an operating system by Google called Android. This article covers many of the ways that an Android smartphone is much better than an iPhone. And, when comparing smartphones with similar hardware as an iPhone, the Android smartphones are generally much less expensive. There are also many different manufacturers of smartphones that use Android on their phones.

See also:
... “It’s amazing all the ways the iPhone manages to screw the people that
love it,” writes Cory Doctorow at tech site “Saddling
iPhone owners with crappy contracts with abusive mobile companies…then
screwing the [application] developers with equally abusive agreements. I
guess that’s one way to ‘think different’.” ...

And, the reviews of the iPhone 4 are in. See
Ten Reasons Why An iPhone 4 Is A Bad Idea

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