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Thursday, 30 September 2010

AVG Free 10, aka 2011, is out now

The latest major version of AVG Free is out now. You can download it here.

To upgrade to this new version, you have to download the file (at the link above), and run it (you can't get this new upgrade through the automatic update process in AVG Free 9). You will have to chose either the 32bit version (Most of you running Windows XP or Vista will choose this), or the 64bit version (most of you running Windows 7, and some running Vista, and the odd few running Windows XP will choose this).

CNET - AVG banks on better performance

Once you have downloaded the new installation file (see above)
  • Run the file
  • Accept
  • Next
  • Custom Install, and UNcheck the gadget installation (on the right side of the window - this doesn't appear in Windows XP, only for Vista and Windows 7), Next
  • Uncheck Additional installed languages, (if you have MS Office installed, scroll to the bottom and check MS Office plugin), Next
  • Uncheck Set Yahoo..., Uncheck Install the AVG Security Toolbar, Next
  • ...
  • yes to reboot
  • (after reboot, it will finish installing)
  • UNcheck I agree to participate ... and click Finish
  • (then it will open and automatically begin updating)

  • If, after a few minutes, you get an Analysis pop-up, you can ignore it. This will run the next time a scheduled scan runs.

  • Things to check:
  • Scan Options - Managed Scheduled Scans, Edit scan schedule.
  • - Run at a specific time. Select a day of the week and time. Under Advanced Schedule, check Run on
  • computer startup if ...
Also: to enable it to automatically scan removable devices, open AVG, click on Tools, Advanced Settings, click the + beside Scans.
Click on Removable Device Scan.
Check off Enable Removable device scan, Automatically heal/remove infections, and move the slider under Adjust how quickly Scan completes all the way to the right.
Apply, OK and close the AVG window.

Advanced Users
  • To get rid of the advertisement (notification that drops down if you open up AVG)
  • Go into Program Files\AVG\AVG10\
  • Rename the following files by adding
  • .bak
  • to the end of each file name (after whatever extension is there in the name)
  • avg_us.mht
  • avgmwdef_us.mht
  • avgresf.dll
  • avgsals_us.mht
  • avgsbfree_us.mht
  • avgtrial_us.mht
Note: sometimes after updates to the program, it will re-introduce these files (so you may need to go back in and name the new batch of these files to remove the ad/notice).


Anonymous said...

I've just installed AVG 2011 (free) and forgot to uncheck the box for "I agree to participate . . . ".
How do I get myself out of this agreement? Is there somewhere I can go to, to change this.
I would appreciate anyone's advice on this.

Thor said...

"I agree to participate ..."
To back out of this, open AVG, Tools, Advanced Settings, scroll down to Product Improvement Program and click on it.
Un-check Allow Reporting, click Apply and OK.

Anonymous said...

Why can't additional scheduled scans be created in AVG Free 10 (2011)? This could be done in previous versions.

Thor said...

You can still adjust the scan schedule to scan at different times, or on specific days of the week at the same time.
Open the interface, Choose Scan Options, Manage Scheduled Scans, Edit Scan Schedule. All the options are there.

Anonymous said...

Except I can't make any changes without naming the scheduled scan and it won't let me name the scan.

Thor said...

You shouldn't have to name the scheduled scan if you are just scheduling one scan every period (day, week, month). I recommend once a week as sufficient.

dmikester1 said...

This is awesome Thor. Thanks for the tips to remove the ads on the newest version of AVG. Been looking for this.

Thor said...

I think every time there is a program update for AVG Free 2011, it re-sets the ad related files and you have to go in and adjust them again. A hassle, but worth it for a very good free AV program.

Now I just leave those files alone and ignore the ads.

Anonymous said...

I just made a batch file to do the rename I added the directory changes so that it did it from the start up list but you can just delete those and run it from the directory

you could get fancy and do lost more but it was simple to do

cd Program Files (x86)
cd AVG
ren avg_us.mht *.bak
ren avgmwdef_us.mht *.bak
ren avgresf.dll *.bak
ren avgsals_us.mht *.bak
ren avgsbfree_us.mht *.bak
ren avgtrial_us.mht *.bak