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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Firefox add-on Fireshot update

FireShot - Screenshot tool - Capture and Annotate :: Versions :: Add-ons for Firefox
Today, Fireshot won't let you use it as an add-on for Firefox unless you update to the recent experimental version. Click the link above and Add to Firefox the Experimental version 0.92 and allow it to install. Once done, restart Firefox. Fixed.


Leon Victor said...

It is very powerful and useful add-on with lots of options e.g. you can edit your capture within Fireshot or you save it as PDF. But I get an error after upgrading to Firefox 14.0. This version of FireShot is not supported by this updated browser.

Thor said...

Check again for an update for Fireshot later. Also, if you are using Windows 7, try the Snipping Tool in Accessories.