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Thursday, 19 March 2009

AVG Free v8.5 - Anti-virus and Anti-spyware

AVG has released a new version of their program, but you have to download it and install it to get it (you can't update to it via updates in 8.0).

To update to version 8.5, download the new version here at Filehippo.
Then, run the file - choose Repair Install when asked which installation.
Make sure to un-check the Security Bar and un-check daily scans (if you don't want these options).
When done, reboot the computer and manually run the updater to immediately get the latest updates (or you can let it update itself the next day).

To get rid of the notification ads, make sure your settings allow you to see hidden files and extensions, go to Program Files\AVG\AVG8 and look for
avgfree_us.mht and rename to avgfree_us.mht.bak
Also add .bak to

Works fine in Windows 2000 to Vista (x32 and x64)


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