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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Facebook - Interface Improvement part 2

Want to fix or modify ways that Facebook looks/works?

(This post assumes you are using Firefox - You might be able to do these things in IE, but I haven't checked it out.)

You can do a lot using Greasemonkey and Greasefire.

Greasemonkey allows you to run special user scripts on specific websites.
Greasefire lets you see what scripts are available for a site.

These can be used for all sorts of sites, but I'm going to focus on a couple of basic scripts for Facebook here.

Install Greasemonkey from here.

Install Greasefire from here.

You will need to restart Firefox to enable them.

Once you have restarted, go to your Facebook home page.
Right-click on Greasemonkey and choose the top line that shows a number of scripts available.
Look for these 3 scripts (you can type them in the top to find them more quickly):
- Facebook Poke All
- Facebook Layout Ad Killer
- Facebook Friends Checker

Poke All - if you get a lot of pokes, this is a useful script. It puts a poke-all button above the pokes. It also ads a poke selected button so you can select some (by checking them off) and then click the button to poke only the selected people. Sometimes this script doesn't show up or work, so you have to do things the old way. But, when it does work, it is a time saver.

Ad Killer - gets rid of the Facebook Sponser ads and ads in the news feed.

Friends Checker - Do you have lots of friends and does it bother you when it seems someone has de-friended you but you can't figure out who it was? With this script installed, you will receive a notice of who de-friended you.

There are lots of other useful Facebook scripts out there. Check it out.

If you don't like the Highlight column in the new Facebook layout, check out the script called Delete Facebook Highlight Column

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