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Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Here is a site with some beautiful nature wallpapers.

If you have a slow connection be patient as it may take some time for things to draw out on the screen.

One of my favourite wallpapers sites is
Type in wallpaper in the search field (or whatever you are looking for). If you have a laptop with an wide screen resolution, when you search for wallpaper (in this site and anywhere else), if you type in your resolution, the search will come up with wallpapers that will fit your particular screen. Don't know what your resolution is? In Windows, open Desktop Properties and click on the Settings tab. In the bottom left of this window you will see your screen resolution.

Google Image Search Tip
To search for wallpapers of certain things, use the Google Image Search and then chose Large Images.

Organizing Wallpaper
If you like to collect a lot of wallpaper and use these pictures for your desktop, a handy way to organize this is to create a folder inside My Pictures called Wallpaper. Then, in Windows, when you want to change the wallpaper, in Windows, open Desktop Properties, go to the Desktop tab, click Browse, look in My Pictures, Wallpaper and chose your wallpaper.

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