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Saturday, 31 March 2007

Zone Alarm Free firewall - Major Update Is Ready

For all those who use Zone Alarm Free firewall, there is a new major update available. You can either get it by manually running the Update, or eventually, Zone Alarm will pop up with an update notification.

If you have had troubles properly updating Zone Alarm in the past (like, if you ended up running a trial version instead of the free version after running an update, or, if you clicked on the wrong file and ended up opening some other program), print this article out first so you can follow all the instructions step by step.

To get the update manually:
- Open Zone Alarm
- On the top left, click on Overview
- On the top right, click on Preferences
- Click on Check For Update and follow instructions
- Your browser will open to a Zone Alarm update page. The first option (1) and it's sub-options will try to get you to buy the paid version of Zone Alarm and other stuff. Ignore them and click on option 2 (download update only)
- Once you have finished downloading the file (zlsSetup_70_337_000_en.exe), run it
- Select No Thanks
- Allow it to scan the computer for your Internet-related programs
- Restart the computer
- After your computer has re-stared, it will pop up with another window trying to sell you stuff again. Select No Thank You
- Don't click on the video, choose Finish
- Done

You will notice that it looks a bit different, especially the icon in the System Tray (bottom right of your sceen). Instead of the red and yellow ZA, it is now a blue & grey Z. Don't worry, it works the same.

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