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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Make Windows Live Hotmail your default email program in Windows Vista

If you use Windows Live Hotmail as your main email instead of Windows Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird or some other email program, and you want to make it come up as your default email program when you click on a mailto link, here is how to do it.

Go to this WinHelpOnline page, download the file and follow the instructions under the Registering Hotmail with the Default Programs tool heading. It is very simple. This only works in Windows Vista (not Windows XP).
This utility can make it so Windows Live Mail comes up when you click on a mailto link, or want to send a link, when you press the mail button (if you have one) on your keyboard, or when you send an email directly from a program on your computer. In other words, it makes Windows Live Mail your default email program.

For Windows XP, check out the instructions here.


Anonymous said...

Is there something like this for windows 7?

Thank you for your time.

Thor said...

Yes, this works for Windows 7 too.

ahmetgns said...

No, it does not work for Windows 7

Thor said...

If you are having problems setting it up in Win7, try this:

Found this and just tried it.It actually works.It puts Hotmail(yes the free version) in the list of choices for default email program.The first time you use it you have to put your name and password in, but you can set it to remember them.This is in IE7,don't know if it works in IE6 or not.
Type in Start, Run: Copy and paste the following and hit ok.

regsvr32 "%Programfiles%\Internet Explorer\HMMAPI.DLL"