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Saturday, 8 November 2008

New threat via Facebook

Facebook Users Attacked by Trojan Virus :: Schipul Blog

There is a new threat via Facebook (see above link).

If you get an odd message from a friend (okay, not like the usual odd messages your friend sends you, a message like in the article in the link above), they may have been infected. Send your friend a new message informing them that you got the odd message and that they may be infected.

If you use Facebook, keep an eye out for computer threats (viruses, spyware, etc) all the time in the form of the various messages and emails you can get from using it. And, if you ever go to a site that tries to get you to download and install some weird program or codec to play some music or a video, do NOT download and install it. If it says you need Java, or Flash or such, go to those actual sites and get them from the real sites for these plug-ins. If you already have these plug-ins installed and the video or whatever does not work, then it is not supposed to (they are just trying to get you to infect your computer). YouTube videos use Adobe Flash to run. If you can go to the YouTube site and watch a video, then you have Adobe Flash installed and working, and the odd site you went to that doesn't work is bad news - close the site and don't go back to it.

If you do get infected, you should be able to clean out the infection with a full scan by AVG Free 8 and/or Superantispyware.

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