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Friday, 14 November 2008

Stop automatic Windows restart

shutdownguard - Google Code

Here's a little program I just discovered via Lifehacker. It is supposed to stop Windows from automatically restarting after updates.

I'll check it out and get back to you about it (sometime in December, after the next Windows update). I'm testing it in XP and Vista.

It works! In Vista and XP.
It stops Windows Updates from automatically restarting.
In XP, if you want to re-start or shutdown your computer, you have to exit shutdownguard first (as it won't let you shut down Windows)

Updated instructions:
Download the file (see link above)
Copy to Program Files.
Right-click system tray icon
Check off Autostart.
Make sure you Enable it.

Next time Winows update wants to restart after an update, the Restart Your Computer To Finish Installing Updates window will pop up to give you the choice of Restart Now, or Postpone, and a Remind Me in xx minutes.
Usually, if you are away from your computer, Windows will automatically restart in 10 minutes.
With Shutdown Guard running and enabled, this window stays up and the computer does not restart. So, when you come back to your computer, everything is still there and you can choose when to restart the computer (you can leave this pop-up window open in the background and when you are finished your work, restart the computer when YOU want to.)
In XP, it will keep popping up with the Restart/Later window every 10 minutes, but it won't restart your computer automatically.

Note. You should restart it soon though as the updates are usually security related. I would start it less than a day after this pops up - preferably within a few hours.

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