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Friday, 10 August 2007

Using Hotmail in Thunderbird - Update

With the update of the Webmail-Hotmail extension to version 1.2.5, I found that I could no longer send mail with the settings below. After some experimentation, I found that you need to change one setting: in the options for the Webmail-Hotmail extension, in Accounts, Mode, change it from "Hotmail Live (new website)" to "WebDav". This seems to work.

Here is the definitive guide (with the current Hotmail site) for setting this up.

Note: the links to the extensions mentioned here are in my previous posts about Hotmail and Thunderbird.

1) make sure you have the latest version of Thunderbird
2) Install the extensions: Webmail, and Webmail-Hotmail (and make sure they are the latest versions)
3) Make sure you have updated your Hotmail to the new the new Hotmail Live (do so via the website if you haven't)
4) Set up the account in Thunderbird (don't worry if you have some settings wrong at first)
5) Open the options in the Webmail extension and ensure that the Pop (port 110) and SMTP (port 25) servers are enabled
6) Open the options in the Webmail-Hotmail extension and in Accounts, Mode, check off "Hotmail Live (new website)". Make your selections in the POP tab, and in the SMTP tab.
7) You are now ready to adjust your server settings.

Outgoing server: hotmail - localhost

Incoming server settings
Server name: localhost. Port: 110
Username: (your full hotmail address)
Security Settings: Never

Outgoing Server
Server name: localhost
port 25
User name:
TLS if available.