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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Firefox 3, Flash Videos and Adblock

If you cannot see flash videos on some pages, but you can on others, and you are using Firefox 3 and you have Adblock installed, then the problem is Adblock.

For some reason, even if you disable Adblock temporarily or whitelist the page, it will still block some flash videos you want to see.

To fix this problem, install the extension Adblock Plus and uninstall Adblock.

To fix this I've found that there is a new Adobe Flash 10 beta version out that makes flash files work properly in Firefox 3. Download and install that if you are having problems with Flash in FF3. Here is the link for the Windows version.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

AVG Free 8 and No One Is Getting My Emails

If you are using the new AVG Free 8, and you are using Thunderbird or maybe even a version of Outlook or another Email program, and no one is receiving your emails even though it looks like they are sending okay, it may be a setting in your AVG. Open AVG, double-click on Email scanner, UNcheck Scan Outgoing mail, and Save Changes.

Now you can send emails again and people will receive them.

Test things out. If people can receive your emails now, then that was the problem. If not, it is something else...

Iphone upgrade doesn't work

Iphone upgrade doesn't work - The INQUIRER
"Currently users of the handset have to sit completely still when using Steve
Jobs' most brilliant dumping on users yet, otherwise they will be disconnected."

However the upgrade does not solve the problem. What it does is messes up the
GPS function and creates shedloads of others instead."

Beware the iPhone. There are lots of better and less expensive alternatives out there.

Monday, 18 August 2008