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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

AVG glitch shows iTunes as a Trojan

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If you haven't update AVG since July 25th and you have iTunes, AVG might think that iTunes contains a trojan. Update AVG to fix this. If AVG has moved part of iTunes to its vault, click on the above link for the steps to restore the important iTunes files.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Firefox 3.5 - a couple of tweaks

Tab Mix Plus Dev-Build Mix Plus

When you upgrade to Firefox 3.5, some of your extensions might not work. Tab Mix Plus, which is one I use all the time, did not work. But, there is a version that will. Go to the above link and download the version and it will work fine in Firefox 3.5.

Also, make sure you have Mr Tech Toolkit installed. It will enable you to make other add-ons compatible with the new Firefox. Most, made to work this way, should work fine.

Another thing. If it annoys you that when you close the last tab, Firefox closes too, instead of just giving you a blank page, you can open up about:config and navigate to browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab, and change the value to false. This is new with Firefox 3.5.