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Saturday, 30 October 2010

AVG 2011 Bugs

Today I discovered a new AVG glitch while using the new AVG Free 2011 version.

When I tried to post a note in facebook, it added something that began with
#avg_ls_inline_popup{position: a
to the bottom of my note.
I could not get rid of it.

I discovered that this is caused by a glitch in the Search Shield, which is part of the Link Scanner.
To stop this from happening, Open the AVG main interface, double-click on Link Scanner and un-check Search Shield and Save Changes.
Restart your browser.

Hopefully they will fix this glitch soon. I write it off as growing pains of the new version (2011).

However, there have been other issues reported regarding the never version of AVG:
AVG 2011 Bug Affects Browsing Experience, Could Also Hurt Websites
This article mentions issues with Link Scanner components, but also see comments below the article for other issues.

I have not experienced any of the other problems mentioned in the article or in the comments below it - only the one problem I mention above. I'm using AVG Free 2011 on a Windows XP Pro SP3 machine and on a Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit machine.

I've discovered that AVG is aware of issues with Link Scanner components and that they are working on the problem.

I've also discovered that the Surf-Shield component of Link Scanner, as well as the browser add-on AVG Safe Search can cause problems for Java scripts, including Greasemonkey scripts for Facebook. I've disabled both of these (in AVG and in Firefox Add-ons) and the scripts work fine now.

.... later on - I turned Surf-Shield back on and things with scripts seem to work. It looks like the Firefox AVG Safe Search add-on was the culprit. So, so far with this and Search Shield disabled, all is good.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Backup your Facebook data - coming soon to Facebook

How to Download Your Information from Facebook
Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature to backup your Facebook information and photos. Eventually, under Account settings, you should see "Download Your Information".
More info and a video at the link above.