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Friday, 18 October 2013

Windows 8.1 Update - Should You Update?

Windows 8.1 - should you update/upgrade?

Installing the update is almost like installing another operating system as you have to go through similar initial configuration steps, and some things need to be re-installed or re-applied after the update.

The 8.1 update mainly contains improvements for the touch interface with little to no improvements (and a couple of added annoyances) for the desktop interface.

First, if, on your computer, you have Windows 7 or earlier, stick with what you have. When it's time to get a new computer you can get the latest version of Windows. A new version of an operating system is never a good idea on an older computer.

Second, if you have Windows 8 and are thinking of updating to Windows 8.1 (a free update), there are a few things to consider.

If you have a tablet or windows phone running Windows 8, there are a lot of improvements that allow greater customization and greater flexibility. So, yes, update.
This also includes if you have a computer and you like and mainly use the Windows 8 Start screen (aka Modern, aka Metro) touch interface with your fingers.

If you have a laptop or desktop computer and are using Windows 8 in desktop mode only:
I just updated (last night) my Windows 8 laptop. I never use the touch interface, I only use it in desktop mode. So far, I have not seen any improvements in the desktop area, only a number of annoyances. So, for people with Windows 8 laptops and desktop using only the desktop interface, I would hold off on updating to Windows 8.1

Although I haven't noticed any performance improvements, I haven't noticed anything getting worse or slowing down.


Update to Windows 8.1 if:

- You are currently using the touch interface of Windows 8 on your device

Don't update to Windows 8.1 if:

- You don't currently have Windows 8 on your device
- You have a laptop or desktop computer and you use the desktop interface instead of the touch interface (wait and see, no rush to update)