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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Windows Vista SP1 - So Far So Good

I installed Windows Vista SP1 today. I ran Windows Update to get it (this is the recommended method of getting and installing Vista SP1). It is about 66 MB.

Before you download/install this, you should close any programs you have open and not use your computer for anything during the next hour (besides installing this update). You will need to be around during the whole process as you will have to click on a couple of things that come up.

First it downloads.
Then installs.
Then, during the reboot process it goes through 3 more stages of installation.
After rebooting, my wireless connection was not fully connecting. I had to reboot 3 more times to have my wireless connection working fully automatic again.

Also, after installing, something called Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program (aka Windows SQM Consolidator, aka wsqmcons.exe) is now running in the System tray. To deal with this, open it from the system tray icon. If you want to join, choose Join, and okay. If you don't want to join, check Join, then check I Don't Want To ... (you have to do this to un-grey the Okay button), and then click on Okay. To then remove the process, press Shift+Ctrl+ESC to bring up the Task Manager, look at Processes and find it and kill it. When you reboot it should not re-appear.

Everything seems fine after those two issues. Now, to see if it fixes the glitch of the updates that came in a while ago that conflict with drivers and cause my computer to crash once a day.

A couple of days later, this is what I've noticed:
- hasn't crashed (which is better than crashing every day or two)
- smooth and less buggy
- programs seem to load quicker
- touchpad settings keep reverting to default after restarting. This is an annoying problem that I had when I originally set this up, but I solved it by re-installing the Setpoint software from Logitech for the mouse I use via USB port occasionally. I haven't figured out how to make the touchpad settings stay since SP1.
- otherwise, all good. I recommend installing SP1 (but make sure to update all drivers first).