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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

How to find out if your Facebook account has been hacked

How To Find Out If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked
Head over to Facebook and log in,
assuming you haven’t already logged in. Click the “Account” button in
the top-right corner, then click “Account Settings” to get the
preferences page we’re looking for. You’ll notice a new addition:
“Account Security.”
... read the link to see how this works.

Google Analytics Opt-Out Extension keeps your data out of Google's tracking service

Google Analytics Opt-Out Extension Keeps Your Data Out of Google's Tracking Service
Firefox/Chrome/Internet Explorer: With a browser extension, users can
control their privacy and stop their data from being sent to Google
Analytics, a Google service which monitors and tracks traffic and
visitor data for web sites.

Google Analytics
Opt-out Browser Add-on

Facebook Privacy - The new settings (as of May 26, 2010)

A Guide to Facebook's New, Simpler Privacy Controls
Within the next couple of weeks, Facebook will roll out their new privacy settings.
It won't change much, just mainly the privacy controls interface. Your old settings will remain as they are.
This guide reviews the changes.

Also, here is a handy tool for checking to see how private your settings are:

Also, don't forget to check this post out about Instant Personalization

10 tips to protect your privacy on Facebook

10 tips to protect your privacy on Facebook | News | TechRadar UK
Some of the privacy control locations have changed, but these tips are all still applicable.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Facebook to simplify privacy controls

Mark Zuckerberg - From Facebook, answering privacy concerns with new settings
In the coming weeks, we will add privacy controls that are much simpler
to use. We will also give you an easy way to turn off all third-party


Tuesday, 11 May 2010