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Monday, 23 November 2009

Facebook Ads - Keep Your Own Pictures Out Of Them

Did you know that 3rd party applications, and Facebook can use your Facebook posted photos and pictures in their ads? Yes, they can now.
To block your pics from showing up in ads on your friends' FB pages:
Go To
Privacy Settings
News Feed and Wall
Facebook Ads
Close the pop-up that appears (Worried about Privacy? Your photos are safe)
Change this setting:
Allow ads on platform pages to show my information to
Choose: No One
Save Changes.

Now, scroll down to the next one:
Show my social actions in Facebook ads to
Choose: No One
Save Changes

Done - go back to your home page in Facebook.

(Thanks for the heads-up Richard U.!)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

AVG voted best Antivirus application by Lifehacker users.

Best Antivirus Application: AVG - antivirus - Lifehacker
I have been using and recommending AVG Free for years now for a number of reasons
- It is very good at finding and removing threats compared to other programs (including paid ones). Many times I've cleaned up peoples' computer that were running paid versions of Norton or McAfee. AVG found and removed what these programs could not.
- The interface is very easy to use
- The annoyance factor is low - updates work in the background automatically. And there are few pop-ups trying to get you to upgrade to the paid version.
- It is far less of a resource hog than most security programs
- Fast - with version 9, it is faster at scanning than before
I've used other free security programs and still prefer AVG Free over the others.

And, occasionally there are glitches, but they usually minor and are quickly rectified with new program/definition updates. Most security software has glitches occasionally and some are worse than others.

Get AVG Free's latest version here at Filehippo.

Read more about AVG Free here.