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Friday, 14 December 2007

Zone Alarm Free firewall - Major Update Is Ready Dec 2007

Time for another Zone Alarm free firewall major update.

Note: From what I can tell, this applies to Windows XP users. If you are using Windows Vista, the major update may have already installed itself automatically in the background (my Vista computer's Zone Alarm says it is up to date, and the version number is a higher number than this XP update for Zone Alarm).

Also, due to each system being somewhat different, the steps may vary slightly, but you should be able to follow these instructions on most systems.


Click here to open the PDF version of these instructions to print out.

"ZoneAlarm Service Agent
An important Security Update is available. ZoneAlarm is also now available for Windows Vista. Do you want to get the update now (recommended)?
Update Now
Remind me Later"

Click on OK

If you checked off Remind me later, you can also get the update by opening Zone Alarm, go to Overview and Preferences and click on Check for Update.

You will now be taken to the Update web site page.

On the far right-hand side of this page, there is a button - ZoneAlarm Firewall Update. Click on this.

It will change to a new page and a window will pop up giving you options of what to do with the file. Choose the Save To Disk (or Save, or Save As option - your browser will give you one of these options). On this window that popped up to enable you to save the file, the file should be
If it is not, you have clicked on the wrong thing and need to start over.

Save this file to a location on your hard drive (like My Documents, or My Documents\Program Archives\Zone Alarm Updates) where you will remember where you put it.

Once you have saved the file, find it and double-left-click on it to run it.

If you get a Security warning about running the file, click on RUN

"ZoneAlarm Installation
This program will install ZoneAlarm on your computer ..."

UNcheck "Include ZoneAlarm SpyBlocker, a free easy-to-use toolbar that protects you from dangerous spyware sites"

Click on Next.

"ZoneAlarm Registration
Please type your name...."
Your name should already be entered, so you don't need to enter it.
Leave the email line blank.

UNcheck "I want to register..." and
UNcheck "Inform me about ..."

Click on Next

"Upgrade or clean install"
Make sure Upgrade is checked and click on Next

"License Agreement"
Check off "I accept the terms..."
Click on Install.

Zone Alarm will now turn itself off (so you may see a red security shield appear on your system tray at the bottom of the screen - ignore this) and then update itself ("Installing...")

Then it will configure itself ("Configuring")

You may get this message popping up:
"Unable to connect to TrueVector Service - cannot configure access rules" Click OK
Then "Error Processing config file!" Click OK

"Zone Alarm Registration Survey"
Answer the survey questions.
Click on Finish.

"ZoneAlarm Setup - Installation is now complete. Do you want to start ZoneAlarm now?"
Click Yes.

"A Special Offer from ZoneAlarm
Try ZoneAlarm Security Suite free for 15 Days"
Click on NO THANKS

"Configuration Wizard
Welcome To ZoneAlarm
Safeguard your web surfing."
Scan my computer - leave this checked
Automatically configure my network settings - leave this checked.
Click on Next.

Scanning ... Please Stand by.
(it may take a while)

Scan Is Complete
ZoneAlarm is ready to protect you ...
Click Finish.

Restart Your Computer to Finish

Once your computer has restarted, you will see this pop up:

ZoneAlarm - Getting Started
How does ZoneAlarm protect me? ...

Click Finish (lower right)

Then Zone Alarm's program window will pop up. close this (X in the top right corner).


I write these instructions for clients, friends and family members. Everyone else is also welcome to them.
If anyone is having difficulty, I would be more than happy to help you remotely. Contact me via the contact info on my web site Thor Tech Support.