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Thursday, 10 July 2008

Windows XP and 2000 Security Update Conflicts with Zone Alarm and disconnects you from the Internet

Recent Windows XP and 2000 security patch KB951748 causes a problem with Zone Alarm so that you cannot connect to the Internet.
To fix the problem
Update Zone Alarm - they have fixed things on their end. Link at end of this post

Temporary fixes:
1) easy fix: Open Zone Alarm, click on Firewall, chose the Main Tab, and change the slider setting for Internet Security from High to Medium. Fixed.
2) If that didn't work, go to Add or Remove Programs, check of the Show Updates box. Scroll to the bottom and find KB951748 and remove it. Restart the computer. It should be fixed now

When you get time, if you have only done a temporary fix (in step 1 or 2 above), download the latest update for your version of Zone Alarm here
If you use the Free version, choose the link for Zone Alarm Basic Firewall. Download the file and then follow my latest instructions on updating Zone Alarm (in one of my previous posts).