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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Better Facebook

There are a lot of things that annoy Facebook users, especially when FB makes big changes. Some changes are good and take some getting used to. But a lot of changes can make things more annoying. Better Facebook is a script that works in all browsers except IE. It combines controls that many different scripts have individually into one great script. I was using FFixer, Unfuck Facebook, Facebook Comment Fixer, and a couple of Adblock Plus filters to make Facebook work in a better way. I've switched to only using Better Facebook (for now, as of Sept. 2011) as it takes care of all that the above-mentioned did and more.
Go to
to install.
If you have Greasemonkey in Firefox, and you know how to use it, you can install it that way instead (make sure to disable other scripts first before installing Better Facebook as there may be conflicts) 

Here are my settings in Better Facebook
  • all the recommended default changes plus:
  • Added the old Comment button
  • Lock the header bar at the top so it scrolls
  • Change profile images in Chat to names
  • Force the News Feed to be chronological and hide Top Stories
  • Layout, Right Column: Hide the live feed (The Ticker) of friends activity (you can do this instead of using the AdBlock Plus filters).
  • Chat: Show all online friends in chat list, Group friends by online status, Use compact chat list,
  • Theme: Light Sky (yes, there are different themes available that will change the background from white to other things)

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