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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

AVG Free 2013 Installation and Configuration Guide

AVG Free 2013 just came out. Here is my guide for a clean basic installation and configuration.

Print these instructions out, or bring them up on another computer in order to follow them through the process.

Download it from here and choose either the 32bit version or the 64bit version. If you still have Windows XP, you most likely need the 32bit version. Most people running Vista or Windows 7 (or 8) will need the 64bit version. When in doubt, try installing the 64bit version. If it's not the right one, the installation won't get all the way through.

AVG Free has a new interface to fit with the new Metro theme in Windows 8. Love it or hate it, there it is.

  • Close any open programs, including your browser.
  • Run the file you downloaded.
  • Accept the license agreement
  • Check Custom Install and un-check the 2 boxes below that. Next. Note: some of you may have those 2 options show only below Express Install. If so, then these will be dealt with further in the Custom Install.
  • Un-check Additional installed languages. Make sure AVG Add-Ons is UN-checked. Next
  • Some of you may get a separate window for the AVG Security Toolbar option. If so, un-check I would like to set AVG Secure Search as my default... and un-check Improve my Internet protection .... Next.
  • If you have a slow machine (or something more than a few years old) now is the time to go to the bathroom, have a beer, read a book, do the laundry or something that will take a while. If you have a modern or fast machine, don't go anywhere, it will only take a few minutes.
  • When that is done, un-check I want to improve my security by participating ... (or leave it checked if you don't mind the program sending AVG anonymous information about threats it bumps into and security issues related to AVG in order for AVG to use this info to improve their program). I leave this checked. Note: for some of you, your browser might open with a notice from AVG that they are sad to see that you uninstalled the Security Toolbar. Ignore this and close the browser.
  • Click on Restart Now
  • If your operating system asks if you want to restart now, yes, restart.
  • Wait for your computer to restart and wait for AVG window to open. If it doesn't, double-click on the AVG tray icon. If your tray icon ends up hidden, un-hide it (click the little up arrow and choose Customize and beside AVG, change to Show icon and notifications, and then click OK)
  • Click on Update Now. Let it update. Continue doing this until it says You are currently up-to-date. From the Update screen, to get back to the main screen, click on the back arrow on the left side (white arrow in green). 

  • Now, time to configure
  • Go to the main AVG Free screen
  • Click Options (top right), Advanced Settings
  • UN-check AVG Advisor Notifications (mainly just annoying messages)
  • Click on the + sign beside Scans and then on Removable device scan.
  • Check Enable Removable device scan, and Heal/Remove virus infections without asking me
  • Scroll to the bottom of this window and change Adjust how quickly ... to High Priority. Apply
  • Back on the left, click on the + sign beside Schedules, and select Scheduled Scan
  • Check off Enable this task
  • Leave the default setting or adjust to a day and time of the week when the computer is normally on.
  • Apply
  • Okay and back to the main screen. And close (X in the top right corner).
  • Eventually, usually within an hour from installation, AVG will pop up and ask you to do an initial scan. Do it.
  • Everything that you will ever see in the Notification area (bottom of the main AVG screen) regards upgrading to the paid version of the program. For most people you can ignore this. 
  • Fix Performance - Don't use this. There are better free tools out there and most things like this that profess to tune up your computer only make it worse. 
  • If you accidentally upgrade to the paid version or a free trial of the paid version, you may find, among other things, that you get a lot of annoying messages popping up while you are on-line, and that you can't access some web pages that you regularly access. To revert back to the free basic version, remove the program via the Windows Control Panel and Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP), or Programs and Features (Windows Vista, 7). Once you select to remove/uninstall it, you will be presented with various choices. Choose the one that converts or reverts you to the free, or basic protection/version.

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