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Monday, 21 January 2013

AVG Web Protection Pop-Up

For those of you using AVG Free 2013, who have opted out of using the AVG Security Toolbar and Safe Search, you may occasionally get a pop-up in the bottom right of your screen asking you to use these features again. The top of it will begin with:

Enable Web Protection for a better and safer Internet experience (free).

These features are more annoying than anything else. If you don't want them/don't use them, un-check the 3 check boxes and then click on Decline, to get rid of this pop-up.


Anonymous said...

I just got this, but I don't even have AVG installed - I've never had it it on this machine!

What the heck?

Thor said...

Anonymous: There could be a number of reasons this happened to you - too many to get into it here. Suffice to say, at least you have the advice from the post above to help you opt out of an annoying feature.

Thor said...

If you need to fully remove AVG, either because the current installation has become corrupted, or, your attempt to install it has failed, or, if you think it may be installed on your computer but you don't want it to be installed, you can use the AVG Remover Tool to remove it. Get it here:

Aaron said...

I also just had this popup and I don't have AVG installed. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

I get this pop up but the check boxes cannot be unchecked. I've tried. I can only decline and then it keeps coming back. Any other way to get rid of this???

Thor said...

If you are having problems with this pop-up, just go to my post here for downloading and installing the latest version - - and install the latest version. When asked, choose Repair Install. This will fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

Thor, thank you for your suggestion. I downloaded and installed the latest version of AVG.
No sooner did I open it up to look around, then I got the little pop up on the bottom right. I STILL can't uncheck those boxes. As soon as I scroll over to do that, I get another pop up that AVG has stopped working and will be shut down. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Thor said...

If something gets buggy with AVG and a repair install does not fix it, remove AVG and then re-install it.