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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

AVG Free - Safeguard Toolbar and other notifications

For those of you who like just the basics and not the extra annoyances, here are some tips in dealing with the various AVG pop-ups.

If you get a notice to install/update/upgrade AVG Safeguard Toolbar (or AVG Nation Toolbar or AVG Security Toolbar, or something along those lines), you don't need to. Click on the greyed-out decline.
If you accidentally install it, you can easily remove it via Control Panel, Programs and Features.

The same thing goes for other pop ups for computer performance utilities, driver updaters, PC Tune-up/PC Analyzer, ...
Just X these out or decline. If you end up installing an AVG utility you don't want/need, uninstall it via Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

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