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Friday, 30 January 2015

AVG Free 2015 Winter Update, January 2015

For those using AVG Free 2015

As of Jan. 24, 2015 and shortly thereafter, you may get an AVG pop up about the AVG 2015 Update.
If you do,

Click Update Now
Check off Basic Protection [NOTE: THIS IS A VITAL STEP!!!!]
Restart the computer if asked/required.

When done you will get another pop-up - this time of the regular whole interface, but with a banner across it: Congratulations! You've successfully updated to AVG Antivirus FREE 2015.
Click Continue.
Even though you already had AVG Antivirus FREE 2015, it will show this.
Restart computer to finish.
Since you already had AVG Free 2015 installed, your custom settings will stay the same, so don't worry about that.

NOTE: You may get the Update notice twice (once and then again a few days to a week or so later). Just follow these same instructions each time.

1 comment:

Rhys said...

Thanks, man. I assumed I was being played and have not done this, because, you know, I gotta work.